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A Look at a Very Overlooked Subject

I find that many Christians either do not understand or do not care about Jews and Gentiles from a biblical standpoint. So I have put this link from Desiring God that helps explain how the Bible uses these two groups of people throughout history. Understanding these two groups of people can really help us in understanding the New and Old Testaments. So hopefully this will help you get a better understanding that of we who are as Christians, that we are not just Christians but are apart of something greater that goes back to our father Abraham and the covenant that was made with God.


One of My Top Internet Videos

What Happens When We Believe the Gospel?

It seems that many people who profess faith in Christ, may understand intellectually what the gospel is, but when it comes to the actual change that gospel should have in people’s lives most people don’t have a clue. Justification and Regeneration by Charles Leiter is an excellent book in helping Christians (and even non-Christians) understand not only the gospel but how the gospel changes those who put their faith in it. This book is one of my favorite books of all time simply because of the clear truths and the books simplicity. This is an easy read. That is not to mean that truths in this book are light or cliche. Charles Leiter does an excellent job at maintaining biblical truth, but presenting it in a way that is easy to get. If you want more information just click this.


The Mess of the Church in the South

One of my favorite sermons! Bryan Loritts bringing some very convicting truth. Check it out.

Romans Sunday School

So I am excited about teaching Sunday school this fall for the college class. This semester we will be looking at the first 8 chapters of Romans. Here is where I am going to post the Sunday school for each week.

  1. Romans 1:1-17
  2. Romans 1:18-32
  3. Romans 2
  4. Romans 3:9-20
  5. Romans 3:21-31 (low quality)
  6. Romans 4
  7. Romans 5:1-11
  8. Romans 5:12-21
  9. Romans 6:1-11
  10. Romans 6:12-23
  11. Romans 7