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Over and over again
I can’t seem to win
same song, same dance
why do I always give in?

Time seems to speed up
sin has become a cover
deceptive, enslaving, debasing, and evil
I cannot escape, for I am a sin lover.

Trapped in worry, a debt to pay
the light of truth, a flicker in the dark
dispair, faithless, unbelief, and guilt
the gospel lost, for I missed the mark.

How could the perfect One love the vile
the darkest of sinners, who loves himself
self-righteous, self-serving, untrusting, and unloving
trying to hide my sin that is displayed on a shelf.

Yet, You see, You are not blind
my sin depicted like a book telling a story
love, forgiveness, hope, and grace
stuck no more, freed by the blood for His glory.


Come to Him

If there is one thing in a Christian’s life that is of the up-most importance that would be to preach the gospel to yourself daily. There are a number of reasons why… in fact there is a wonderful book that I have been reading called The Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent and this book is full of great reasons to preach the gospel to yourself. I highly recommend the book. I am finding that when I dwell on the gospel it helps me so much in my everyday life. Especially when I am dealing with guilt. I seem to deal with guilt a lot. It is hard for me to see my sin, all of my screw-ups and failures, and be able to look at the gospel. I am amazed at how easily my mind and heart are captured by something other than God. Yet the gospel is still true. What it says about me is still true. I am still His son. I am still an co-heir with Christ. I am still loved by Him. I am still completely forgiven. This is so hard for my little works-based mind to grasp. And preaching the gospel to myself has helped a great deal. Last week my guilt was building up so much that I was having difficulty praying. It was so hard to believe the gospel, but finally God came. I wrote this one night last week and it has been so helpful for me. So to those struggling with sin. To those who feel so guilty. To those who have a hard time believing God’s glorious gospel. Here is some encouragement:

Come to Him

On what basis?

My mind races
Several different places
Stealing my heart
Driving me apart
From my King
Who took death’s sting
Given heavenly riches
Without any glitches
Adopted by Him
Wooed by Him
Reconciled to Him
Loved by Him

Bought with blood
By His grace
I can come

The Poetic Gospel

I recently posted my first poem a few days ago and since I have been wanting to write another poem. Except this time on my favorite topic, the gospel. So over the past few days I have been writing and while I’m not 100% sure that I’m finished with this one I still wanted to share it.

 There is a truth that includes all
that continues today from the fall
for all men hate the One who is good
because in their depravity have not understood.
That the Lord made the heavens and all it contains
the fields and oceans, for the Lord makes it rain.
Yet men in their wickedness turn from the One
who is true and great, because of what He has done.

The wrath of God is men’s only escape
for the deeds of men will always rape
the glory of God and all His worth
still sin and corruption fill the earth.
With lies and deception do we spread
the wickedness of men is what all dread;
with no hope of change in our depravity
we cannot run, for it is like gravity.

Before His throne no one will stand
fury and fire is what the Lord commands.
But God in all mercy and grace
turned to His Son to restore our race.
Death and destruction will abound
all men will be silent when judgement sounds.
Unless One should take our place
but who would die for this wicked race.

God’s only Son could take on sin
and make us clean from within.
Changing our hearts to rely
on the death of Christ; in Him supplied
power and love to push us to
perfection and purity for we are new.
Christ’s blood has redeemed us to tell the story
the riches of God for His fame and glory.

Writing poetry has been a great joy as of late. It definitely frees my heart and challenges my mind to think of words that flow with meaning and truth. I hope to branch out and try different types of poetry, but for now I will stick with this one.

Me First Poem

If you haven’t heard, me and a few friends are going through the gospel of Luke and I had been putting everything in letter form until this week. I decided to attempt to take this weeks chapter in Luke and write it in poetry form. This is week is from Luke 7. If you want some context on the poem I suggest reading over Luke 7 before reading the poem.

Well here she goes:

Jesus Christ, Savior, King
Marveled, not at what the Centurion’s power could bring
but his faith, for the Centurion knew he was less
than all of Christ’s righteousness.

Jesus Christ, Savior, King
Compassion, the cry that he would sing
to the widow’s son dead in the grave
“Arise”, he said for the son to be saved.

Jesus Christ, Savior, King
Stay strong John and continue to cling
for John will not shake like the reed,
but stand firm to continue to plant the seed.

Jesus Christ, Savior, King
Oh how much perfume did she wring
tears and sorrows over Your feet,
but You forgave her, now she is complete.

Jesus Christ, Savior, King
You are the One to whom we must sing;
joy and happiness yielded from the Cross
for You suffered and died for gain and not loss.

Hope you enjoyed. I hope to continue to write more.