Over and over again
I can’t seem to win
same song, same dance
why do I always give in?

Time seems to speed up
sin has become a cover
deceptive, enslaving, debasing, and evil
I cannot escape, for I am a sin lover.

Trapped in worry, a debt to pay
the light of truth, a flicker in the dark
dispair, faithless, unbelief, and guilt
the gospel lost, for I missed the mark.

How could the perfect One love the vile
the darkest of sinners, who loves himself
self-righteous, self-serving, untrusting, and unloving
trying to hide my sin that is displayed on a shelf.

Yet, You see, You are not blind
my sin depicted like a book telling a story
love, forgiveness, hope, and grace
stuck no more, freed by the blood for His glory.


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