Me First Poem

If you haven’t heard, me and a few friends are going through the gospel of Luke and I had been putting everything in letter form until this week. I decided to attempt to take this weeks chapter in Luke and write it in poetry form. This is week is from Luke 7. If you want some context on the poem I suggest reading over Luke 7 before reading the poem.

Well here she goes:

Jesus Christ, Savior, King
Marveled, not at what the Centurion’s power could bring
but his faith, for the Centurion knew he was less
than all of Christ’s righteousness.

Jesus Christ, Savior, King
Compassion, the cry that he would sing
to the widow’s son dead in the grave
“Arise”, he said for the son to be saved.

Jesus Christ, Savior, King
Stay strong John and continue to cling
for John will not shake like the reed,
but stand firm to continue to plant the seed.

Jesus Christ, Savior, King
Oh how much perfume did she wring
tears and sorrows over Your feet,
but You forgave her, now she is complete.

Jesus Christ, Savior, King
You are the One to whom we must sing;
joy and happiness yielded from the Cross
for You suffered and died for gain and not loss.

Hope you enjoyed. I hope to continue to write more.


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